WWE 2K16 Online Lobbies Return, Online Tournaments & More Wishlist

WWE 2K16 Online

Not much has been revealed or talked about when it comes to the WWE 2K16 Online portion of the game which changes today at least when it comes to the talked about part because it’s time for another episode of the WWE 2K16 Wishlist Series. In today’s video, Deserteagle814 goes over the WWE 2K16 Online additions, features and fixes he’d like to see implemented in the upcoming game. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!

WWE 2K16 Online Wishlist video


If you can’t watch the video here’s a few of the things mentioned on the list.

1 . Bring back Lobbies

wwe 2k16 online

For the longest time WWE games online have consisted of looking for player hosted lobbies and joining the ones that matched your desired match types and settings. WWE 2K15 on Xbox One and PS4 however took all of that away as lobbies were replaced for background matchmaking. The background match making would instead search for matches for you based on your preferences and thus joining a public match with friends was rendered almost impossible and also match options were very limited. Why 2k chose this route we don’t know but we hope that for WWE 2K16 lobbies make a return. Background matchmaking combined with searching for actual lobbies would make for a pretty nice combination.

2. Online Tournaments

WWE 2K16 Online Tournaments

We’ve seen it in fighting games such as Injustice Gods Among us and now Deserteagle814 wants to see it in WWE games online. How would it work? 8 player King of The Ring tournament lobbies, once you are done with your match you can watch other players matches while chatting with the other competitors in the lobby. All the matches except for the final round match in WWE 2K16 Online Tournaments would be set to the “QUICK” match pace setting so that other players wouldn’t need to wait on 10 + minute matches to move on to the next round.

To find out about all the other big changes and fixes we’d like to see make sure to check out the video.

WWE 2K16 Online Wishlist video: https://youtu.be/I7A0WnzBn1w

For more WWE 2K16 checkout: http://youtube.com/deserteagle814


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