WWE 2K16 New Moves & Finishers That We’d Like to see


With every new WWE Game comes a brand new set moves and for WWE 2K16 New Moves & Finishers such as the Springboard Stunner and Kevin Owen’s Pop-Up Powerbomb are among the highest on our list to make it in the game. Today we bring you the return of the WWE 2K16 Wishlist series videos. We start it off with the WWE 2K16 New Moves & Finishers we’d like to see added to the game.

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Here’s just a few of the Moves Mentioned in the video.

1. WWE 2K16 Pop-Up Powerbomb

WWE 2K16 Pop-Up Powerbomb

Oddly enough WWE 2K15 does have a Pop-Up Powerbomb in the game but it’s a reversal animation only and thus we need the WWE 2K16 Pop-Up Powerbomb to be an actual finisher. With 2K16 having the largest roster yet Kevin Owens must be included on that list and he must have the POP-UP Powerbomb. 2K needs to ensure that he has the proper powerbomb with an accurate animation. Meaning we want to see Kevin Owens throw his opponents into the ropes and catch them for the pop-up powerbomb just like he’s done to John Cena countless times.

2. Springboard Stunner

WWE 2K16 Springboard Stunner

This is John Cena we’re talking about here. The face of the WWE, and if the face of the WWE has a new move under his belt, especially one that’s now considered his second signature move then we need to have a WWE 2K16 Springboard Stunner.

3. Kalisto’s…….entire moveset

wwe 2k16 new moves

Ign recently released the WWE 2K16 Kalisto Entrance video (As seen here WWE 2K16 Kalisto’s Entrance) confirming his appearance in the game. That’s great, just please make sure he has all the cool moves he does on WWE Tv. Kalisto has some of the most unique and impressive movesets on the entire WWE Roster and Kalisto in the game should be no different. If 2k simply assigns him some recycled high flying moves then it’s just not the same. Just to name a few, he needs to have his handspring headscissors and enzuigiri version, the roll up into a rolling kick, the springboard corkscrew crossbody and of course his finisher the salida del so but that one’s a given.

4. A Seth Rollins pedigree

WWE 2K16 Seth Rollins Pedigree


While Seth Rollins’ pedigree has received a lot of flak from fans for not being the best looking pedigree we’ve seen, Seth Rollins pedigree whether for better or worse doesn’t look the same as Triple H’s pedigree. Just like Kane and Big Show both use the chokeslams but have their own way of doing it and their own animations for the move in the game. Seth Rollins should get a custom pedigree animation that reflects the way he does it on WWE TV instead of just giving him the exact pedigree animation that HHH has.

So which WWE 2K16 Finishers or Moves would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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