WWE SummerSlam 2015 Full Show Results & Review

wwe summerslam 2015 full show review

Here is the WWE SummerSlam 2015 Full Show Results & Review video Deagle goes over the entire show results as well as his thoughts on the matches and the show as whole, covering everything from the contervasial ending to the Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker match to Jon Stewart helping Rollins become the first ever WWE World Heavyeight and U.S Champion!

WWE SummerSlam 2015 Full Show Results & Review video


If you don’t want to watch a video and would like to simply read about the results, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a WWE Summerslam 2015 Full Show summary of the events that happened!

WWE Summerslam Highlights/Results Sum Up
Randy Orton vs Sheamus
Sheamus goes for the brogue kick, Orton dodges and goes for the rko but Sheamus pushes him into the corner and then follows it up with a brogue kick that makes Orton bounce off the corner and then he follows it up with a 2nd brogue kick for the win
Sheamus wins with 2 brogue kicks in a row
New Day sing a New York song Parody let’s hear it for New Day, New Day, New Champs and dance
They chant “New Day Rocks”
Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Championship match, Primetime Players vs Los Matadores vs Lucha Dragons vs New Day
Titus double powerbombs Kalisto and Sin Cara who superplex a Matadore kofi tags in by slaping titus back without him seeing
Kofi Kicks Titus and covers the matadore for the win!!!
New day win the WWE Tag Team Championships to become 2 time tag champs
Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler superkicks Rusev on to the announce table, ref’s at the count of 8 and Ziggler tries to get back in the ring, he does but it’s to late IT’S A DOUBLE COUNT OUT
Dolph gets back outside but Rusev throws him back in the ring
Dolph gets the better of Rusev and punches him but Summer attacks Dolph and then Lana comes in and Rusev and Dolph seperate the 2 women
Neville and Stephen Ammell vs Stardust and King Barrett
Stephen Ammel hits a crossbody off the top to the outside on both Stardust and Barrett
Neville hits the red arrow on Barrett for the win
Ryback vs Big Show vs The Miz
Big Show hits KO punch on Ryback and one on Miz
Ryback pins Miz off Big Show’s WMD
Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs Dean Ambose & Roman Reigns
Wyatt and Harper dominate Ambrose while Reigns is out on the outside
Crowd chats Roman’s sleeping lol
Bray goes for sister abigail on dean but he counters it with dirty deeds and tags in Reigns
Roman Reigns spears Wyatt for the win
John Cena vs Seth Rollins Winner Takes all match #titlefortitle
Seth rollins with a white attire
Cena hits an AA out of nowhere on Rollins but a 2 count
Seth hits a frog splash from the top rope on Cena who kicks out and rolls out of it with Seth up on his shoulder but Rollins, flips out of it and then hits him with an enzuigiri
Rollins catches Cena and throws him over his shoulder for an attitude adjustment for a 2 count!
Cena locks in the figure four
Rollins catches up to Cena on the top with a superplex and then a flacon arrow right after for John kicks out
Ref bump, Cena hits the AA
Cena picks Seth up but Rollins hits him with the same knee that broke Cena’s nose
Jon Stewart comes in with a Steel Chair and pretends like he’s about to hit someone
he ends up hitting Cena with the steel chair and rollins hits him with the pedigree on the chair for the win
Seth Rollins wins the United States Championship
Team Bella vs Team BAD Vs PCB
Team BAD gets eliminated first when Brie tags herself in and hits Tamina with Brie mode
Becky hits a pumphandle sideslam on Brie for PCB to take the win
Cesaro vs Kevin Owens
Cesaro tries for something off the top rope but KO pushes him, Cesaro lands nuts first and then KO hits him with the supex slam and pop-up powerbomb for the win
Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker
Before the bell even rings and Taker can take off his coat Brock attacks Undertaker, but Taker turns it around and hits him with a big boot taking him out the ring
Brock F5 Undertaker through the announce table!
Taker gets back in the ring at like 9.59 seconds
Brock says “I’ll kill you”
Taker says “You’re going to have to” and then chokeslams him but Brock gets right back up but then falls back down
Taker hits the tombstone piledriver!
Lesnar kicks out at 2!
Lesnar sits up laughing and then Taker does to mocking Lesnar’s laugh and they exchange punches
Brock and Taker fight in the corner until Brock locks him in the kimura while standing on the second rope
Taker counters it with a last ride which Lesnar kicks out of
Lesnar hits Taker with a second f5 but Taker kicks out!
Lesnar hits the 3rd F5 but Taker kicks out this time!
Undertaker puts him in hells gate but Lesnar pushes him off and puts him in the kimura lock
Ref makes sure Brock doesn’t have his shoulders on the mat and misses the fact that The Undertaker taps out The bell rings but the referee says he didn’t call for the bell and the match continues
Undertaker low blows Lesnar and puts him in the hells gate
Lesnar gives him the middle finger while in the submission
Referee rings the bell as Lesnar passes out and Taker wins

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