WWE Night Of Champions 2015 Full Show Results & Review video, Kane Returns!

WWE Night Of Champions 2015 Full Show Results

Here is our WWE Night of Champions 2015 Full Show Results and Highlights breakdown along with a review on the entire show from Kevin Owen’s Intercontinental Championship win to Kane’s return at WWE Night of champions.

WWE Night Of Champions 2015 Full Show Results/Highlights breakdown and Review video

For those who prefer to read a summary of the show here you go.

WWE Night Of Champions 2015 Full Show Results Sum Up.

WWE Night Of Champions 2015 Highlights/Results Sum Up
Eden interviews Sheamus
Sheamus says no matter who wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tonight history will be made, pretty much saying he’ll cash in tonight
He says tonight history will become my story
Eden with Kevin Owens after they show a bunch of legends with the ic title
Owens says it’s quiet a list but tonight is not about them, it’s about the prize and he’s a prize fighter
He says that title means more money and a better life for his family so he needs it
The Cosmic Wasteland vs Neville and The Lucha Dragons
Neville dodges the disaster kick and superkicks Stardust, he goes for the red arrow but Viktor stops him and Stardust shoves Viktok into Neville and hits the Queen’s crossbow for hte win
New Day answer twitter questions while making fun of those asking them in the best social media lounge segment yet
Ryback vs Kevin Owens Intercontinental Championship
Ryback goes for the Shellshock but Kevin rakes the eyes and rolls him up for the win
Kevin Owens wins the intercontinental championship
Brock Lesnar go to hell tour, UnderTaker vs Brock Lesnar is announced for Hell in a Cell!
Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev
Summer gets on the apron Rusev pushes dolph into the ropes which causes Summer to flip into the ring, ref kicks her out of ringside
she rages and throws her shoes, accidently hitting Rusev and allowing Dolph to hit the zig zag for the win
New Day talks about their save the tables petition and famous people who signed it such as bill the science guy and BARRACK OBAMA
New Day vs The Dudley Boyz
The Dudleys hit the 3d on Kofi but Xavier Woods breaks the pin causing a DQ
The New Day bring out a table but The Dudleys turn it around and end up putting Woods through the table with a 3d
Nikki Bella vs Charlotte
Nikki goes for her forearm smash from the 2nd rope but Charlotte spears her in mid air
Charlotte puts her in the figure four and makes her tap
Eden interviews Owens about his ic title win
He makes fun of Ryback and his self books and says he won the title because of how great he is
Wyatt Family vs Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and JERICHO! That’s right Chris Jericho returns. Some dude in shield gear runs into the ring but security takes him away and Bray makes fun of them saying “That’s your guy?”
Ambrose and Wyatt have a nice back and forth exchange countering eachothers moves
Ambrose goes for the rebound clothesline but they take eachother out with double clotheslines
Ambrose tags in Reigns who hits the superman punch but Strowman is still up so he hits him with a second one
Rigns hits the spear on Braun and then Jericho tags himself in and hits the lionsault but Braun kicks out
Bray takes reigns out on the outside
Jericho goes for the codebreaker but Braun stops it and holds on to Chris Jericho and hits him with the yosaku cutter followed by the sleeper hold making Y2J Tap out
After the match Jericho gets up and just walks away and bumps into Ambrose while doing so
Seth Rollins gets hyped for his matches and says he’s ready
Sheamus comes up to the authority to them saying yeah he’s ready and so am I
Seth Rollins vs John Cena United States Championship Match
Rollins catches cena like at summerslam and rolls through with him for the AA but Cena gets out of it and hits him with a reverse suplex
Cena hits the top rope fameasser
Cena hits aa for win
John Cena wins the united States Championship
Cena stops rollins from leaving with an aa to floor.
Seth Rollins vs Sting WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth pushes sting through announce table and tries to leave but then decides against it and bodyslams Sting out the floor
Rollins tries for springboard knee but Sting pushes him to outside on barricade
Sting jumps on him from the top rope to the outside
Sting hits the stinger deathdrop but Rollins puts his foot on the rope
Rollins hits a 2nd turnbuckle powerbomb, Sting seems out of it and doctors check on him
Sting locks in the deathlock
Rollins get to ropes Seth and hits an enzuigiri on Sting, tries for pedigree but Sting counters into attempt at a deathlock
Rollins counters the deathlock with roll up for the win
Seth Rollins beats Sting to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus attempts to cash in after a brogue kick to Rollins but…
Kane returns at Night of Champions
Kane chokeslams Seth Rollins AND Sheamus
He then hits Rollins with a tombstone to end the show

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