WWE Live From MSG Review, Big Show goes to suplex city

WWE live from msg review

Here is the WWE live From MSG Review & Results/Highlights video from Deserteagle814. He goes over the entire show results and gives his thoughts and review on the show and ends it with a rating out of 10.

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If you’d prefer to quickly read about the results of the show, here’s a quick summary.

WWE Live from MSG Highlights
Sheamus and Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton
Sheamus and Rusev toy with Dolph Ziggler until Ziggler bodyslams both Sheamus and Rusev
Randy throws Rusev on to the apron, Ziggler superkicks him, Sheamus takes Dolph off the apron with an axe handle
Sheamus goes for the brogue kick on Randy, he sidesteps him and Sheamus runs into a superkick from dolph into rko by Orton to sheamus
Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton win
Rusev takes the mic and says Sheamus is useless and he could of beaten them himself an
He keeps pushing Sheamus’ face and tells him to take his briefcase and leave
Sheamus pretends to leave but comes back in and brogue kicks Rusev
Sheamus says “how about you kiss my arse”
Renee interviews Kane and asks him about his leg
He says it feels really great
And she says how did you make the trip here today with your leg
He says he came he today for Seth Rollins because he has an oppertunity to win back the U.s championship
Kane says Seth seems nervous when he saw him tonight
Stardust vs Neville
Neville hits a springboard moonsault to the outside on Stardust
Neville goes for a roundhouse kick but Stardust ducks and hits him with the side effect
Stardust puts on Neville’s cape and runs around goes up top but gets caught by Neville followed by a superkick
Neville hits the red arrow for the 3 count and the win
Renee tries to interview Paul Heyman but he shows her how it’s done
He says Madison Square Garden becomes city hall to suplex city
Team Bella vs Team PCB
Becky hits 3 leg drops in a row on Alicia and Paige tags herself in before the third one
Paige tags in Becky aggresively after being hit by Alicia but then shortly afterwards asking for a tag
Becky ends up tagging in Charlotte
Charlotte hits a spear on Nikki
Charlotte goes for the figure 8 but Paige tags herself in and tries to pin Nikki
They argue and Nikki hits Paige with the forearm and tags in Brie
Nikki and Paige take eachother out with double clotheslines
Paige then tries to tag both in but they both get off the apron and leave Paieg on her own
Nikki hits Paige with the rack attack for the win
Paige says she can’t believe her teamates would do this to her and leave her high and dry.
She says she’s their best friend and she would never do anything like that to them
She says she doesn’t know if she can forgive them
Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho, Jericho’s oppertunity to become a 10 time champ
Chris Jericho brings up that this is his 25th anniversary in the biz and talks about his match 25 years ago on this day with Lance storm who’s in the crowd
He puts over msg and the fans there
He says win or lose tonight when he’s done you will never ever be the same again
Owens starts striking Jericho right off the bat but Y2J hits him with a dropkick followed by the triangle dropkick to the outside
Jericho jumps over Owens from the corner and bounces off the ropes but gets caught with nice clothesline from Kevin
Owens goes for the pop-up powerbomb but Y2J jumps over him goes for the codebreaker but Kevin catches him
Owens hits Y2J with the package powerbomb for a 2 count
Jericho hits the bulldog followed by the lionsault but Owens gets the knees up and hits the cannonball
Owens goes for the swanton but Y2J gets the knees up too and goes for the walls
Walls of Jericho locked in!
KO gets tot he ropes
Jericho charges him in the corner but Owens ducks and throws him into the post followed by a roll up but y2j kicks out
Jericho hits the codebreaker as KO tries to pick him up but he takes to long to go for the cover so once he does Owens grabs the rops breaking the pin
KO superkicks Jericho and hits the pop-up powerbomb but no it gets countered into a hurricanarana followed by an attempt for the walls but Owens pokes him in the eye and rolls him up for the win
New Day vs The Dudley Boyz
New day cut a great promo before the match
Dvon goes for the headbutt off top but Woods pushes him off the turnbuckle turning the momentum in their favor
Big E goes for the splash but Bubba rolls out the way and tags in d-von
Devon takes down all 3 members of the new day
They hit the 3d on Kofi but Xavier Woods breaks the cover to retain the titles
New day continue their attack on the Dudleys
They take out the tables and Kofi gets on the top rope and says and still your tag champs the new day
xAVIER tires to run but Bubba clothesline him puts him in the ring
3D to Woods through the table
Brock tries to clothesline Big Show couple times but Big Show doesn’t budge
Show takes Brock to the outside with a backdrop
Lesnar laughs and gets back in the ring
Big Show starts punching Lesnar in the gut lesnar turns it around in the corner with some shoulder tackles
Big Show chokeslams Brock but he gets right back up!
A second chokeslam and Lesnar still gets back up
Third chokeslam by Big Show goes for the cover but Lesnar kicks out at 2!
Show goes for the KO punch
Lesnar ducks and german suplexes big show!
Lesnar hits Big Show with a 2nd german and a third one!
Brock goes for f5 but just lets him go and hits another german (4)
Lesnar hits the F5
Brock comes back and Big Show tells him “fuck you”
Brock gets back in the ring
Lesnar belly to belly overhead suplexes Show
Lesnar hits Big Show with another F5
John Cena vs Seth Rollins steel cage match
Seth tries to escape a few times early on but Cena stops him
Cena hits a bulldog on Seth from the top rope but Seth kicks out
Cena climbs the cage but Rollins takes him down and hits a springboard knee but Cena kicks out
Seth climbs up the cage but stops when he realizes Cena is trying to crawl out
Rollins tries to climb out again but Cena stops him with an electric chair facebuster
Cena goes for the top rope fameasser but Seth Rollins counters it into a stidown powerbomb for a 2 count
Cena starts the comeback but Seth kicks him before the 5 knuckel shuffle
Seth tries to crawl out but Cena grabs him by the leg and we get the Seth enzuiguiri for a 2 count
Seth tries to go for the 5 knuckle shuffle but Cena stops it by going for the comeback again this time at 2x the speed and hits the 5 knuckle shuffle
Cena locks in the stf and Seth tries to crawl out while in it, Cena lets go and Rollins is almost out but Cena drags him in and then Seth does the same
Eventually seth slams the door shut on Cena’s face
Rollins goes for the pedigree but Cena counters and slingshots Rollins into the steel cage but Rollins instead strts climbing it
Cena stops him and smashes his head face first onthe cage
Cena climbs and Seth stops him with the superplex into falcon arrow but Cena kicks out
Seth climbs and Cena comes in to stop him
Cena and Seth fight it out on top of the cage
Cena takes Seth off the ropes and hits a tornado ddt off the top
Lights for some reason go out (not compeletely though) and then come back on
John is close to the door ref opens the door
Rollins jumps over Cena and climbs up the cage
Seth grabs rollins by his feet into an aa but Seth fron flipts out of it
Kick to the gut followed by superkick but Cena kicks out again
John counters the pedigree with the stf
Reversed into the crossface
Cena gets up with Rollins on his shoulders but Rollins gets off and low blows Cena
Rollins climbs but stops up top and then Kane’s music hits
Rollins is afraid to climb out because of Kane who’s standing right bellow him
Seth decides to climb up the cage
Seth jumps with a frog splash off the top but Cena ducks hits him with aa
Kane gets in the cage eventually chokeslams Seth and hits him with the tombstone to end the show

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