For years one of the biggest and best create modes in video games has been the create a superstar mode in the WWE video games series and some would argue that it is the best. Whether players want to create themselves or superstars, divas and legends that aren’t in the game the create mode lets us do it with with a variety of options, customization and lets us even create entrances, movesets and arenas. And while each year adds even more additions to to the CAS mode this year 2K games has the opportunity to add the biggest addition to the mode yet and that is WWE 2K15 Kinect & Playstation Camera Support for the PS4 and Xbox one.

We’ve even made this video talking all about it

Now let us specify what we’re talking about here and what we mean by Kinect and PS4 Camera support. We don’t want motion support when it comes to the actual gameplay because if that were to happen we’d get tired from all the punching and kicking after a match or two and stop playing. What we want is the ability to capture and recreate our faces in the game when we want to create ourselves similar to Rainbow Six Vegas on the xbox 360 or more recently Kinect Sports Rivals on the Xbox One. If done right it would make a great mode even better and speed up the process in creating yourself allowing you to jump into career mode in WWE 2K15 for instance much quicker.

We strongly believe that with WWE 2K15 making its debut on the current gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One) which also have the best cameras yet for consoles and with the new scanning system they’re using to scan the superstars making them look more realistic than ever that there’s no better time than now to introduce this feature and also make the created superstars and divas look just as close as the in game characters or as close as possible.

On top of that In a recent interview with IGN when asked about changes to the caw mode this year, the executive producer for WWE 2K15 Mark Little stated that they have some surprises in regards to the mode when it comes to the PS4 and Xbox one so this might just be one them and we sure hope so.

So with all that said what do you guys think of WWE 2K15 Kinect & Playstation Camera Support? Are you for it or Against it? We’d like to hear from you so tell us in the comment section bellow!