Continuing on with the WWE 2K14 Wishlist series Wrestling Gamer’s Deserteagle814 decided to go over the WWE 2K14 Story Mode once again in a part 2 video this time discussing a “Moving up the ranks” type story mode similar to what the 2008 TNA Impact Video game had offered but in a much more free world with the option to chose your paths, alliances and such as well as free roaming of course! Here is the video.

The idea would be for your custom character to start the journey as a brand new wrestler looking to make it into the big leagues, start off with Indies working your way up where at some point you earn a development contract and go to NXT.  There the work doesn’t stop as you look to earn championship gold and impress to get to the main roster and once you’re there you can choose which championships to chase after forge alliances and main event Wrestlemania!

Would you enjoy this type of story for a created character type story mode ? Or do you prefer a different type of story? Tell us in the comment section bellow and in the video :)