Last time in the WWE 2K14 wishlist series Wrestling Gamer covered one of, if not the most important factor in a fighting or sports game and that is the roster. Today in the 4th instalment in the series we would like to cover one of the most important features in any video game purchase not just fighting or sports and that is the Story Mode. Whether it be called the story mode, season mode, road to Wrestlemania or the name may be it’s the main story and main mode of any video game. For many it’s the first thing they play when getting a game and for most it’s the deciding factor whether or not to purchase a game.

For the past few years the traditional Story mode and/or Season mode have been put aside in favour of the “Road To Wrestlemania Mode” and recently “The Atittude Era mode” in  WWE video games and with that most of the freedom, options and the old free roam style of the Smackdown games were traded in for voice overs and more cut scenes in a much more linear mode. With that said the WWE 2K14 story mode could benefit from the style of Just Bring it, Shut Your Mouth or even Here comes the pain with options where you can chose which path you want to go in, what championships you’d like to chase after and such.

Which is why Deserteagle814 decided to go over the WWE 2K14 Story mode he’d like to see in this short little gameplay video

WWE 2K14 Story Mode, Season Mode Additions

Free Roaming

Open World/ Backstage area

Options, different paths you can take, choose which championships you’d like to chase after

Play as any character

And more!

Part 2 will be coming soon!