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WWE 2K14 Online King Of The Ring Tournaments, 8 player lobbies, spectators, betting options and more sounds good? We think it does and it’s one of the many new online features and match types Wrestling Gamer would like to see in 2K’s upcoming WWE game. Which is why in our latest wishlist series video Deserteagle814 talks all about it and goes over how such a mode could be implemented in the online multiplayer portion of the game.

The Idea of fighting 7 other players to be crowned the the king of the ring with the ability of spectating the tournament matches all while you either text or voice chat with the other players in the lobby as you wait your match along with having the option to place bets on the the current matches your watching for in game rewards sounds like an awesome idea to us. So watch this video and tell us what you think about it either in the comment section of the video or right here on!

WWE 2K14 Online King Of The Ring Tournaments