Wrestling Gamer is back with yet another edition of the WWE 2K14 Wishlist Series! In this episode we cover WWE 2K14 OMG Moments which are also known as spectacular moments. The feature made it’s debut in ┬álast year’s game WWE 13 as these brand new game changing moments/cutscenes would let you recreate some of the more extreme and shocking moments on WWE tv during matches such as spearing your opponents through the barricade and the famous Ring breaking superplex and with 2k14 just a few months away we can’t help but think about the all the possible additions to the feature.

Finishers through the ring? Spear through the stage shades of Ryback/Cena? What about Finishers off the top of the steel cage? All of these are talked about as Wrestling Gamer’s Deserteagle814 goes over ideas and suggestions for brand new WWE 2K14 omg moments while showing some of WWE 13’s current spectacular moments in the latest video of the Wishlist series. You can watch the video down bellow for the full list and feel free to post up comments with your ideas for some new moments! You can also watch Deserteagle814’s how to on WWE 13’s omg moments down bellow as well.

Some of the WWE 2K14 OMG Moments we’d like to see

Top rope finishers from the top of the steel cage

Throw opponents off the stage

Finishers through the ring


Also check out the WWE 13 OMG Moments video for instructions on how to perform them