Here is a video by Deserteagle814 titled ” WWE 2K14 Every Catching Finisher (Mid Air Finisher Tutorial)”  displaying every catching finisher in WWE 2K14 and a quick tutorial on how to perform them as well as what finishers you need equipped in order to do so.

WWE 2K14 Every Catching Finisher (Mid Air Finisher Tutorial)

WWE 2K14 Every Catching Finisher/Mid Air Finisher Tutorial

Here is the list of every single catching and mid air finisher in the WWE 2K14

tombstone piledriver 4
tombstone pildriver 3
superkick 5 (del rio)
superkick 3
superkick 2
superkick 1
super chokeslam
stricking spear
spear 5
spear 4
spear 3
spear 2
spear 1
diving spear
rock bottom
rko 2
rko 1
pedigree 2
pedigree 1
one handed chokeslam
chokeslam 1 to 9
gts 1
gts 2
f5 1 2 3 4
brogue kick
attitude adjustment 1 to 4
yes lock
shell shock 1-2