Over 4 months ago Wrestling Gamer’s Deserteagle814 covered the WWE 2K14 roster we’d like to see ┬áin one of the wishlist series videos. Fast Forward to today and the majority of the superstars mentioned in that video and the article are now confirmed with the rest very likely to be confirmed soon as well. With 50 superstars confirmed so far for WWE 2K14 and the rest of the roster likely being announced soon we here at Wrestling Gamer thought we would step it up a notch and cover the WWE 2K14 DLC!

That’s right we have decided to cover the downloadable content of the game even before the full roster is confirmed and go over the superstars that we not only think are going to be available as post launch content but also the ones we would like to see as DLC for the next instalment of the WWE Games series. You might be asking yourself why we’ve decided to cover this topic when not only has the game not come out yet but the full roster has yet to be revealed. It’s simple the past couple of years THQ had announced the DLC for games before the game release and in WWE 13’s case the same day as the Roster Reveal (Aj Lee, Damien Sandow) so Deserteagle814 thought he’d share the wishlist and predictions before it was too late.

Here is the WWE 2K14 DLC Wishlist series video

If you are unable to watch the video here are 4 superstars Wrestling Gamer would like to see added as DLC in WWE 2K14


WWE 2K14 DLC Fandango


Rob Van Dam

WWE 2K14 DLC Rob Van Dam

Curtis Axel

WWE 2K14 DLC Curtis Axel

Bray Wyatt

WWE 2K14 Bray Wyatt