Stables have been apart of WWE for the longest time and to some degree in the WWE games series as well, at least when it comes to the single player but what about the online? That’s why Wrestling Gamer brings to you another WWE 2K14 wishlist series video in the form of WWE 2K14 Clan Support!

While Clan support has been a prominent feature in a number of online games the past couple of years it has yet to be introduced in a WWE video game online which is why we want the addition of Stable Support! Think about it, Clan tags, Clan Matchmaking in which your clan can be matched up against others as well as clan leaderboards and voice chat lobbies where you could discuss strategy or just chit chat with your fellow clan mates while browsing the multiplayer portion of the game.

With WWE 2K14 Clan Support the WWE Games Universe could have their own versions of The Four Horsemen, D-Generation X, NWO, Evolution, The Shield or even The Three Man Band BABY! Wrestling Gamer’s Deserteagle814 goes into much more detail about what he’d like to see if we were to have Stable Support. Check it out and tell us if you’d like this feature too in the comments!

Till Next time Believe in the Shield!

WWE 2K14 Clan Support