Here is the WWE Smackdown 2/3/13 Full Show Results/Highlights and Review video going over the entire show results and some of the highlights.

Quick WWE Smackdown 3/1/13 Full Show results sum up
Alberto Del Rio defeated Damien Sandow with the cross armbreaker
Antonio Cesaro defeated The Miz in a 2 out of 3 falls match
Jim Ross interviewed Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter which ended with Alberto Del Rio chasing Jack Swagger away
The Primetime players defeated Team Hell No with Daniel Bryan having his hand tied behind his back and Kane being blindfolded with a goatface on the blindfold
After the mach Kane hit an uppercut on Daniel Bryan
Fandangoo refuses to debut until Matt Striker gets his name right
Randy Orton defeated Big Show by DQ when The Shield attacked, Big Show hit the wmd on Roman Reigns, hit a chokeslam on Randy Orton and Sheamus Brogue kicked Big Show to end the show.