Here is the WWE RAW 4/15/13 Full Show Results/Highlights and Review video going over the entire results and highlights such as Brock Lesnar returning by attacking 3mb and challenging Triple H to a steel cage match, Kofi Kingston winning the United States Championship and more!

WWE RAW 4/15/13 Full Show results sum up
Randy Orton and Sheamus defeat the Big Show in a Handicap match
3MB call out The Shield only to be attacked by Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar f5’s heath slater onto the barricade twice
Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar challenge Triple H to a cage match at Extreme Rules
Kofi Kingston wins the United States Championship by defeating Antonio Cesaro
Dolph Ziggler comes out to cut a promo but gets interrupted by Alberto Del Rio who decides to invoke his rematch clause but before the match could take place Jack Swagger attacked Del Rio and locked on the Patriot lock on him
Undertaker and Team Hell No vs The Shield is announced for next week
Team Hell No defeat The Prime Time Players
Ryback explains his actions
R-truth defeats Wade Barrett
Teddy Long sets up Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler
Team Rhodes Scholars defeat Santino and Great Khali
Fandango came out and proposed to start fandangoing with the crowd if they could say his name right but they couldn’t so Fandango told them they could go fandango themselves
John Cena says he’ll go out there tonight to confront Ryback
Jack Swagger defeats Dolph Ziggler in a non title match
Alberto Del Rio then attacks Jack Swagger and locks on the cross armbreaker
Mark Henry attacks Sheamus once again during an interview
Cm Punk comes out to adress his loss to The Undertaker but ends up leaving
Nikki Bella defeats Kaitlyn when she switches with Brie who pins Kaitlyn
John Cena confronted Ryback who then left John Cena alone to fend off the shield
The Shield triple powerbombed John Cena as Ryback looked on

WWE RAW 4/15/13 Pictures

Randy Orton and Sheamus vs Big Show raw 4/15/13 full show

Randy Orton and Sheamus vs Big Show raw 4/15/13 full show

WWE RAW 4/15/13 Full Show Dolph Ziggler

WWE RAW 4/15/13 Full Show Brock Lesnar attacks 3mb

WWE RAW 4/15/13 Full Show Kofi Kingston wins United States Championship

WWE RAW 4/15/13 Full Show Cm Punk

WWE RAW 4/15/13 Full Show John Cena confronts Ryback

WWE RAW 4/15/13 Full Show The Shield attacks John Cena