Here is the WWE RAW 1/21/13 Full Show Results/Highlights and Review video where DesertEagle814 goes over the show’s results and highlights as well as give his thoughts on the events that occurred such as The Shield attacking the Rock.

WWE RAW 1/21/13 quick results sum up

Vickie Guerrero bans The Rock from the arena
Randy Orton defeated Antonio Cesaro in 11:36 seconds in the beat the clock challenge
Big Show defeated Zack Ryder
Ryback defeated Heath Slater
Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz in 10:56
Kane and Daniel Bryan graduate anger management
Kaitlyn defeated Alicia Fox
The Shield attacked The Rock
Sheamus and Wade Barrett failed to beat the clock due to interference from Dolph Ziggler
Vickie Guerrero told Dolph Ziggler that as the winner of the beat the clock challenge he gets to pick between entering the Rumble at number 1 or number 2
Vince Mcmahon announces that if the Shield interferes in Cm Punk’s match against The Rock he will be stripped of the WWE championship
Alberto Del rio defeated Tensai with a moonsault
RAW ends in a brawl between royal rumble participants