Recently on a TNA post show Jeremy Borash stated that TNA was working on a new Ipad video game while Kurt Angle also stated the same on his twitter account which brings us to this topic.

The last time TNA wrestling released a video game for consoles was back in September of 2008.Since then they’ve released a mobile TNA game in 2009 simply called “TNA Wrestling” for the iOS.In 2010 they came out with a Nintendo DS and Sony PSP version of the original console game with a few additions such as Hulk Hogan being exclusive to the DS and most recently in 2011 they released they’re second mobile game in “TNA Wrestling Impact!” this time for several mobile operating systems.

So now why exactly does need to discuss this topic if it’s only been a year since the last TNA video game release and the fact that they have pretty much confirmed a new video game is in the works? Simple all the most recent releases were mobile games and to top that off Jeremy Borash only confirmed a new “Ipad game” he did not make any mention of an Impact Wrestling Xbox 360 or Ps3 game and that’s the reason why we’re talking about this.Now while mobile games can be fun and definitely have their place we feel as if most of the fans would enjoy a full fledged console game even more.

Both consoles and mobiles have their limitations but it’s no secret that consoles allow for greater graphics, more options and obviously more space to create a bigger and better game with more features,modes,characters,etc.It’s now close to 4 years since the last TNA console game and while the game some flaws ( lack of moves,lack of match types,short and limited story mode) it also did some things right and those flaws can easily be improved on should there be a new console game.

Let’s look at the changes TNA has undergone since the 2008 game release.

-Switched from a 6 sided ring to a 4 sided ring.

-The Show’s name changed from “TNA Impact” to “Impact Wrestling”

-New additions to the Roster such as Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Mr Anderson,D’Angelo Dinero, Chavo Guerrero and the new TNA World heavyweight champion Austin Aries.

-New championships such as the Knockouts tag team titles and the Television championship.

-Change in commentary team

The current console game obviously does not contain these changes which is why a new release could reflect these changes and give us an updated TNA console game.When it comes to features and gameplay elements a new TNA game could implement one could look at what the 2008 release lacked.

-A wide array of moves and signature moves to differentiate the different wrestlers.

-A better story/career mode maybe with the option to chose any character you would like.

-More match types such as a steel cage match, lethal lockdown, last man standing,etc

-Up to 4-6 player matches online and offline

-A better create a wrestler mode

If they do release a new 360, ps3 or wii game with the following addition on top of what the original did right such as smooth gameplay and great character models the game could be simply great.

So in closing wants a new Impact Wrestling video game for the current gen consoles what about you? If you do tell us which features you would like to see in the comment section bellow.