What’s up Wresling Gamers! You read the title right we thought we’d show you how to get Free Xbox Live Gold Memberships , psn codes, paypal cash , gift cards ranging from amazon, itunes, bitcoins, steam and even any app from the app store! All by using your phone, Best of all it’s easy and free and all you need to do is download some free apps.

The way to earn these free rewards is through an application called Appnana.

how to get free xbox live gold


This app will allow you to earn these rewards for simply downloading other apps and telling your friends about it. The way it works is when you download an app through appnana you earn points called “nanas” (hence the name appnana) with these points you can use them to redeem things such as free Xbox Live Gold Memberships cards, Playstation Network cards and even Paypal money.

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Unlike a lot of other ways that claim to give you free gold memberships and such this app is actually legit and legal and according to appnana people have redeemed over 5 million dollars in rewards already. And since all the rewards are all in electronic form or gift cards once you do earn enough points to redeem them, there is no shipping involved as the codes for the rewards are sent to you via email. The app also works on both iOS and Android!

Now you are probably wondering how to sign up for it! Here’s an easy to follow tutorial video showing step by step instructions and also showing you how to get an extra amount of nanas (points) right of the bat when you register!

If you don’t wish to watch a video here are some quick instructions to install, register and get extra nanas

Follow these steps in order to register and get started with a good amount of nanas.
1: Go to appnana.com/deserteagle814 on your iOS Device’s safari browser
2: Register and add the app to your home screen
3: Install app nana sync,login and start downloading apps for nanas which earns you rewards
4: Once you reach 15 000 NANAs enter the code s1846879 in the “get nanas” tab to earn an extra 2500 nanas!
5: Continue to login to appnana, download apps, watch videos and invite friends to earn rewards such as xbox live cards, psn cards, itunes gift cards and more!

And now with both the ps4 and xbox one being out there is no better time than now to start earning some nanas so you could use the free xbox and playstation network codes to get DLC for all the upcoming 2014 games like titanfall , watch dogs , infamous second son or for us wrestling fans WWE 2K15 for free! If you guys have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments bellow.