Pokemon Go How To Level Up Fast!

Pokemon Go How To Level Up Fast

Pokemon Go How To Level Up Fast

The Pokemon Go How to level up fast tutorial video is up! One of the things that gets slow the further you move up in Pokemon Go is leveling up. So here’s a trick you can use to jump anywhere from 2-5 levels in less than 30 minutes and it’s all kosher too. I’ve used this same trick to go from level 11 to level 14 in less than half an hour. So as always I’ve posted up a video on this if you prefer not to read.

Pokemon Go How To Level Up Fast Video

If you’d like to read about it instead here’s how to do it.

First thing’s first, you need to get ready for this and for that you’ll need to catch as many of the same Pokemon as possible especially the more common ones. Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie, Weedle are all crucial for this. Even if you’ve got 80 of those pokemon keep catching every single one you see until you’ve got enough for at the very least 20 evolutions.  Once you’re done with that have a couple eggs ready to hatch, with maybe 0.2 kms left.

Go To A Pokestop, if you know of a spot with multiple pokestops right next to each other along with a gym that’s even better. Make sure you’re eggs don’t hatch just yet though so if you need to turn off your pokemon go app on your way there. Once you’re there you’ll need a lucky egg and a lure module or incense. The Lucky Egg doubles the xp of everything you do in the game for a period of 30 minutes, the incense attracts wild pokemon to you for those 30 minutes and the lure will attract wild pokemon to the pokestop you place it on. Whether you go with the incense or lure module is up to your preference, either one will work. The Lucky Egg is acquired at level 9, incense at level 5 and lure module at level 8.

Drop your incense on your character or lure module on the pokestop and then right after drop the lucky egg to have both effects going on at the same time. As soon as you do that start evolving every single pokemon you’ve got and all the xp gained from that will be doubled during this time giving you 1000 xp per evolution. Focus on the first evolution of the Pokemon and don’t bother evolving pidgeotto’s into pidgeot’s as that will take up a lot more of your pidgey candies and isn’t worth it in terms of xp gains. The reason why you want to capture as many of the common pokemon’s as possible is because they require a lot less candies to evolve but there evolutions on the other hand require more so just keep evolution the base pokemon to their 2nd stage. During this time you can walk around a bit for your eggs to hatch and you’ll get 2000 xp per egg hatched during this time instead of the usual 1k.

Since you’ve got the incense or lure module active you also won’t need to waste precious time looking for Pokemon as they’ll come to you and for each new catch you’ll get 1000 xp.  For Pokemon you’ve already caught you’ll gain 200 xp. Don’t forget to also click on the pokestops to not only refill your items during this time but also get double xp from that.

And that’s it, follow these instructions and you’ll jump anywhere from 2 to 4 levels within 30 minutes. Just make sure to focus on evolving your Pokemon first and foremost during these 30 minutes as that will gain you the more experience points and then you can take advantage of the lures or incense and catch pokemon or even challenge a gym if you’ve got the time.

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