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Jacob Styles Application

Discussion in 'TXW Applications' started by Thee-ELITE3lementZ, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Thee-ELITE3lementZ

    Thee-ELITE3lementZ Jabroni

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    Full Name: Jacob Sionis Styles

    Gender: Male

    Billed From: Charlotte, NC

    DOB/Age: 27 (12/02/89

    Height: 6 ft. 2 in.

    Weight: 181lbs

    Backstory: Jacob loved wrestling
    since he came out of the womb. So
    much so he would reanact some of
    the moves the superstars did on TV
    with his older brother. During his
    last middle school years, his mother
    and father began to argue and fuss
    at each other constantly, and this
    began to sadden Jacob. His grades
    dropped horribly and he started to
    grow a bit of an attitude towards his
    peers. Heading into his high school
    freshman year, Jacob received horrible news that his mother and father had decided to go through with getting a divorce. Flunking classes, parents divorced and now not knowing anyone at his high school, Jacob feels... alone. The only thing that he anticipates in life anymore at this point is wrestling. A few years later Jacob is in his senior year at high school but he didn't know what he wanted to do in his life. Until he thought long and hard and decided HE wanted to become
    a wrestler. He told his mother about
    the idea and immediately she
    responded "NO", she said because she couldn't afford to pay for wrestling camp and she didn't want her son to get hurt. Jacob was extemely upset, he didn't understand how his mother constantly told him to follow his dreams yet she 's denying him of his. Jacob decided to run away on his own. 3 months later a man named Marc Castile found Jacob on the street and took him in for food, water and bathing. After Jacob and Marc began to talk and get to know each other Marc showed Jacob where he would sleep he took him upstairs and showed Jacob his new room. The next morning Jacob heard a boom coming downstairs in the basement so he went to go check it out. He went downstairs and saw around 10 to 15 guys around the perimeter of this huge ring, while 2 guys we're in the ring grappling each other with Marc Castile watching. Jacob looked at the ring apron logo which read "Castile Wrestling Dungeon" Jacob was in awe, and Marc saw this. He asked Jacob if he wanted to run the ropes and learn the basics with himy in a 1 one 1 session. Jacob only 18 at the time, immediately said yes. And ever since then Marc has taken Jacob underneath his wing. A few years later Jacob debuted in New Generation Wrestling and didn't catch a lot of guys attention, and even a few times was almost put on the chopping block. Until he began to raise his performance to new heights and eventually became Atlantic Champion and 2 months later defeated Scott O'Dell to beome youngest NGW Champion and the firts to ever hold both NGW Atlantic Championship and NGW World Championships at the same time. Only at the age of 24. Fast fowarding 3 years later alot of young talent began to leave NGW and the company itself started to have its downfall. So Jacob Styles decided to resign at the age of 26. Styles is looking for a bunch of brass, outspoken and young competitors to build himself around with and return to the squared circle once agian. And he thinks... HE KNOWS, TXW is that place.

    Currently Doing: Training in the Castile Wrestling Dungeon.

    Signatures: Itami Strike Combination
    5-STAR Frog Splash

    Finisher: The Phenomenal Finish (GTS 3)
    Achillis Tendon Lock

    Entrance Video(Record your CAWS entrance and put it here!):

    Entrance Theme Music:

    Former Federations: NGW

    Achievements: 2x NGW Champion
    2x NGW Atlantic Champion

    Can you do voice promos: Yes
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2016

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